Food security

means different things to different people.

It means being able to get all the healthy food you need and to enjoy it with friends and family. Food security also includes being able to make a living by growing and producing food in ways that protect and support both the land, sea and the food producers, and that ensure that there will be healthy food for our children’s children. Food security is the goal we are working toward.

Food insecurity

is the opposite of food security.

Food insecurity means not being able to get enough food or enough healthy foods that you like and enjoy. It means wondering about where your food comes from or worrying about where your next meal will come from. It means wondering if there will be less food in the future because of the way we are growing and producing food now.

Working through the checklist in Activity 1.1 will help you to think about what food security means to you and how it affects your community. As you go through the list of food security issues, ask yourself, “Is this important to me? Is this a challenge for me? Is this a challenge for someone I know?”

Use your responses in Activity 1.1 to complete Activity 1.2. This activity can be found at the top of the page

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